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Over our 40+ year history, we have helped thousands of people get the transportation they need, and we look forward to assisting you.

  • There is never a charge of any kind for an Angel Flight.
  • Your flight will be scheduled to accommodate your medical appointment.
  • Your pilot will pick you up at an airport near your home and bring you to your treatment facility.
  • Your flight is just for you, and will typically be in a small private plane.
  • This means that we can pick you up at an airport near your home, even if you live in a rural area.
  • After your appointment, another pilot will pick you up and bring you home.
  • You can bring companions to travel with you.
  • You can travel with Angel Flight on as many trips as you need.

If you have questions, please call 310-390-2958, or review our FAQs.

Your Privacy

The privacy and security of our passengers’ personal information is very important to us. We will share passengers’ personal information only when necessary for the coordination and safety of the flights. We share private information with our volunteers and some third parties such as airlines and ground transportation providers as is required for the logistics and safety of the transportation. When a medical release is required as per our policies, some personal information will be shared as a part of this process. By submitting this request, you acknowledge that you understand how your or your patient’s personal information will be shared and agree to such use.

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Unfortunately, Angel Flight West cannot provide transportation for funerals.